Kebroc | Hand Wash - Shadow / 500ml
Kebroc | Hand Wash - Shadow / 500ml

Self Care / Hand Wash

Hand Wash - Shadow / 500ml


  COOLING AND CALMING BLEND IN THE WIND OF THE WILDERNESS thyme, orange, lavender, cinnamon, eucalyptus, mint  

Kebroc hand wash is made using natural ingredients and has a thick consistency. Its creamy texture provides a pleasant feeling, and it's easy to foam thanks to the soft sarcosinates in its composition. The sarcosinates are a substitute for sulphates, and create a perfect airy foam, which cleanses without leaving the skin feel dry when used often. The glycerine in the composition provides additional protection against dehydration. It softens the hand and feeds the skin, guaranteeing the fullness and elasticity of your skin.