A newfound name for a fresh start, inspired by the mystical cedar tree.
Throughout history, cedar has been considered cosmic,
magnificent, sacred, eternal, as the tree of the gods…

in addition to all these accolates, Cedar was also the first encounter in the creation of Kebroc.

The word cedar is derived from Greek κέδρος (kédros) which is the visual inspiration of the logo.

Senses bridge our environment and brain through our body. This myriad of information, processed by our sensory systems, enables us to engage in the world around us, in many different ways.

Smell, the most sincere link to our emotions Our sense of smell is so inherently honest, what we smell directly evokes emotions and memories. What makes the sense of smell unique among other senses is that its receptor cells are themselves neurons. The olfactory system is directly connected to the limbic system where the emotions and memory are regulated.
That’s why a scent can trigger a memory and instantly bring us to that unique moment. A fragrance is powerful enough to take us back and forth in time and to make it a lasting memory. Indulging the senses and allowing to reconnect with in and the world. This, we call, The Kebroc Experience.

Hard work, high quality materials, good taste are combined to create a range of products that STIMULATE YOUR SENSES.